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The new Kindle Oasis on the way

We are heading into the winter season, and you might think about Christmas presents already. Amazon will release their new Kindle Oasis on October 31st, and maybe that will be a perfect Christmas present in 2017? The Kindle Oasis, which you can buy at for 229 Euro, will be the first water-proof Kindle on

Can I buy AMD RX 470 graphic cards at

We are living in a time when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies peak like never before. Lots of people want to get hold of cryptocurrencies through mining. For the purpose of mining Ethereum and other currencies, the AMD RX 470 cards are considered to be among the best (and cheapest). Can such graphic cards be bought

Prime Reading is here on as well!

Amazon Prime got million times better as they introduced Prime Reading, but unfortunately it didn’t get to at once. But, now Prime Reading is available in Germany as well! Don’t you know what Prime Reading is yet? Read my article on the topic and find out why this is a magnificent service that I now shipping to Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, and Slovakia (for free)

This year has given us a magnificent Christmas present. They offer (free) shipping to Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, and Slovakia. has recently been running a big campaign selling products. This is all connected to Black Friday and Cyber Monday and yesterday I placed an order. I was planning to have my