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Kindle Oasis amazon

The new Kindle Oasis on the way

We are heading into the winter season, and you might think about Christmas presents already.[…]

RX 470 amazon

Can I buy AMD RX 470 graphic cards at

We are living in a time when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies peak like never before.[…]

prime reading at amazon

Prime Reading is here on as well!

Amazon Prime got million times better as they introduced Prime Reading, but unfortunately it didn’t[…]

Get a super-cheap Microsoft Office

Buy a valid Microsoft Office license for less than 10 Euro? It is possible!

A few weeks ago I was visiting to check out on their daily deals.[…]

amazon-de-free-delivery-to-denmark-sweden-finland-and-more now shipping to Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, and Slovakia (for free)

This year has given us a magnificent Christmas present. They offer (free) shipping to[…]


Shop from in Turkish and Polish

Do you want to shop from in Polish or in Turkish? Would it be[…]