Testing the “USB Rechargeable Electric Garlic Chopper” from TEMU.


I recently ordered the 250ml “USB Rechargeable Electric Garlic Chopper” FROM temu. This is the larger version of the product, as there is also a smaller version with a 100ml size. Is this a fantastic product that you should order right away, or should you keep the distance? It all depends!

First of all, the price is approximatelt €3.30 for the cheapest version of the 250ml chopper. That is a fantastic price and it is small, it is USB rechargable, meaning you can bring it along everywhere and there is no need to worry about batteries. Practical and cheap, but is it good?

Screenshot from TEMU
Screenshot from the TEMU website.

It is crucical to understand that like with everything else, it looks much bigger on the picture. This is a small device, which is both practical and not so practical.

The next thing you need to understand is that this is a garlic chopper. It is not meant for large stuff. If you add two salad leaves to the large version of the chopper, you will be in great trouble, and it will just cause you trouble and make you irritated. Cutting those salad leaves with a knife would be much faster and better.

In other words, this chopper is only good for very small amounts of food. Why is that? It is kind of stupid, because first you need to put the glass down on your desk. Then you need to add the cutting blade, and only then can you add whatever you want to cut. If you add the ingredients first, you cannot add the cutting blade to the interior. As a result, it is hard to fill the “cup” with ingredients, at least if they have some size after adding the blade.

Once again, this is only ideal for very small amount of things that you want to cut.

If you want to cut cucumbers, you first need to cut it in so small pieces that it will fit into the cutter. As you later start the cutter, it will make something looking like cucumber soup. It might be suitable for a tzatziki, but it is almost too soupy for that as well.

If you want to chop garlic, it is suitable.

picture from temu
Picture from TEMU.

But, this product was no love at first sight, nor at second sight, nor at third sight for me. It is simply too little and too stupid. If you want to chop vegetables, there are many tools way better and easier to use than this one, and due to the size, you can cut so little that you spend more time and energy making the preparations and cleaning that you would do just using some other tool or cutting it with a knife. And if your goal is to chop garlic then there are many other products on TEMU easier to use and clean for that job compared to the rechargable garlic chopper!

That’s it. This is not a product I can recommend to anyone!

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