Testing “PS4 Game Console Back Button For PS4 Game Joystick Turbo Expander Controller Paddles For PS4” from TEMU.


I am not a big PS4 player myself, but I do have a kiddo who loves to play, and he also enjoys using the PS4 controller on the computer as he plays Fortnite and other games. Not long ago, he started telling me that he really wanted a SCUF controller (priced $150-$200), and I said that is extremely expensive for the sake of some additional buttons at the back of your controller. So, when I discovered the “PS4 Game Console Back Button For PS4 Game Joystick Turbo Expander Controller Paddles For PS4” on TEMU priced €10, I decided to give it a try (or at least let my son try it). Was it worth it? Or did I still want to buy a SCUF controller afterward?

scuf controller temu

First of all, delivery was smooth and it arrived as promised by TEMU. It isn’t a big piece of material, but perfect for using with a PS4 controller. It is easy to attach it to your existing controller, but it is vital to understand that this is just an attachment to your existing controller and not a controller on its own.

ps4 buttons

Above you can see exactly what was in the package I received from TEMU. It looks big on the picture above, but it isn’t that big, just a perfect fit for your existing PS4 controller. It is easy to attach to the controller.

Of course, it feels like plastic and it isn’t heavy at all, but the most important here is for it is to find out if it works properly or not.

attached to the ps4 controller

Here you can see what it looks like as I attach the console back buttons to my existing PS4 controller. It is easy to attach and easy to remove. Once it is attached, your controller will immediately recognize the buttons and it can be used for games that support using these additional buttons.

ps4 controller with console back buttons added

My kiddo loves to play Fortnite, so he immediately started Fortnite to give the buttons a try. He had earlier tried buying some cheap controller with back buttons, but that didn’t work properly, but now he had an original PS4 controller with added console back buttons from TEMU… did it work better?

He was immediately able to configure the different buttons, and as a result, he could use the controller just the way he wanted. Even though it isn’t an official and expensive SCUF controller, he was more than satisfied, and he was very happy that he didn’t waste a lot of money on an original SCUF controller, because this was more than enough for him. He got exactly what he wanted… the chance to implement and use more buttons in his gaming experience, and thus, hopefully, turn into a better player.

PS4 Console Back Buttons from TEMU – FINAL VERDICT.

The price is good and this product actually gets the job done if you want to add additional buttons and opportunities to your existing PS4 controller. My son has been using it for months and it still works fine and there have never been any problems with it. His only problem now is when he is forced to play with a normal controller elsewhere because he has become so used to these back buttons on the controller that he has a hard time when he is forced to play without them.

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