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Writing guest posts is a very trendy activity at the moment for bloggers. It is not only a cool thing to do, but it is also a great way to share what’s on your mind, to reach a new audience and to let people know who you are. There are different lists publish with information about blogs where you can write such guest posts, but few of them are very specific. So, here you go; a list of 11 Christian blogs where you can write guest posts.

As you visit the different sites make sure to spend time on every single blog before submitting a guest post. Get to know the profile of the different blogs, read some of the articles written by the author and consider what content you could write that would enrich the readers of the actual blog. All in all this might require a lot of time and hard work, but it is for sure worth it. I would also recommend reading „Seven Steps to Writing a Successful Guest Post” written by Michael Hyatt giving good advices to everyone who would like to write a successful guest post.

11 blogs for Christian guest posts

Redeeming God
The goal of the blog is to bring „Scripture and theology to life.” It is authored by Jeremy Myers and the first post was posted on this blog in 2007. Guest posts should be between 300-800 words, and they are only accepted from people who actually follow the blog itself and are busy commenting on the blog posts written by others.

You Can Have Hope
An amazing blog created by Tony Martin. He is a very influential leader with a fantastic blog, and he is an awesome writer himself. Might sound scary to publish at a site of such a fantastic writer, but you could at least consider it.

Christian Web Trends blog
At Christian Web Trends blog you can write guest posts about how Christians can use the Internet technology to advance their churches, schools and lives.

Guest post by Michael Hyatt

As an author posting guest posts on other blogs I, of course, give the chance for others to write guest posts in my own blog. At Siggiblog you are invited to write posts about leadership, SEO, blogging, making money online, business and faith-related topics.

Before the Cross
A fantastic and encouraging blog where you can write devotional teaching, encouraging messages, bible lessons and anything related to Christianity. A good blog also to follow for daily encouragements!

Christian devotions
The title of the page gives you quite a lot of information about what the page is actually about. This is a Christian blog with Christian teachings and if you want to encourage the readers of the blog a guest post is a perfect way to do so.

Inspired thinking
At the website of Brad Andres, you can write guest posts that have to do with Christianity and maybe especially about the importance of thinking and confessing the truth. The slogan of the website is to change your thinking, transform your life!

Still and Listening
A blog about listening to God, obeying his Word and about walking in faith. Not so frequently updated, but maybe you can help out with that!

Bronwyn Lea
If you are fueled by grace, coffee and laughter, then the blog owned by Bronwyn Lea at bronlea.com is the blog for you to write your guests posts. The general Christian guest post here is an encouraging message of faith, but if you have questions, just contact the owner of the blog.

Business of Christ
A frequently updated blog about living in faith and being busy doing the business of God. In other words, not a business blog, but a blog about God’s business. And what is that? Find out as you visit the blog and submit your very own guest post.

Off the page
This is a blog that deals with typical topics, but they have a big focus on blog posts related to theology and then especially in the topics of morality, sexuality, economics, money and work.

If you like writing blog posts about deeper topics and that will make the readers think, this might be the place to go! Rethink likes to dive deep into interesting topics, and even though it isn’t updated frequently, it still gives you a lot of great stuff to read about.

Do you have a Christian blog and do you accept guest posts? Please write a comment in the bottom of the article with your website URL and a few words about the blog, and I might add it to the official list right here! And maybe I will even send you a guest post article myself to be published on your blog!

I wish you all happy guest blogging and maybe I will hear from some of you as you write a guest post in the Siggiblog in the future. Keep up the good work!

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  1. Thanks for the list, I accept guest post but my experiences have not been the best. Most of the guest post I get are just for the link, not for expanding their readership.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for listing our website for guest blog posts. Believe it or not we’re always looking authors or non-authors to guest blog post. We have a very large audience of Christian readers.

  3. Thanks for mentioning my blog! I love to publish quality guest posts, and it is often how I have met some of my favorite bloggers online.

    • Hey Jeremy,
      your blog is really great and your articles on theology are both deep, interesting and seen from a different perspective than you see and hear from most pulpits of our day… so keep up the good job!!

  4. Hi Siggi,
    I just found you through a google search. Looks like a great site and I look forward to following you and learning more from you. I was a church planter missionary in Munich from 1980-1991 and since then have been working in different church settings in the U.S. I am currently writing and trying to help Christians do their unique calling in business and/or ministry so we may have some related topics. I will sign up for your blog in just a moment and will submit an article or two to you soon.
    Mark Furlong

    • Hello Mark!

      Thank you for writing and so glad that you found the site. I would to keep in contact with you in the future and I gladly receive guest posts from inspiring writers such as you!!!

  5. Thanks for taking time to create such a wonderful list of blogs which accept guest posting. I hope that I can use some of them, so that my content can gain more exposure.

  6. Appreciate the work on this list. I’ll add an invite to have your voice heard on either of my blogs
    topics are exclusive to faith and or writing – publishing. feel free to contact me. i’m willing to listen.

  7. Well done for this great article. Such a great help in the time of need. I Just started, but with a whole lots of articles already. I just need them read. You can see what am talking about at http://www.righteousfaith.net . But in the interim, I think, I can extend my readership through guest posting. After all, what’s the essence of the great articles without readers. Once Again, thanks.

  8. I blog myself in the form of teachings and I have been wondering how I can increase my exposure. This seems to be a great way to do it. Thanks for the list.

  9. hi
    I just found your site and like your list.

    I own a Christian site that accepts guest post. even regular contributors or authors. Authors/contributors will receive a byline with their website, social media sites. Can contribute as much articles as want.


  10. I’m brand new to the blogging experience. Thank you for sharing the list of Christian Blogs that accept quests posts. I love writing about how the natural world and our daily experiences reveal spiritual truths for us to learn. My purpose is to inspire, liberate, encourage and motivate others who desire to discover and understand truth.

  11. Hi I have a Christian blog called thehopedeferred.com. I am currently looking for guest bloggers. My blog speaks on faith, hope, love, dating God’s way, purity, encouraging and inspiring others pretty much any issue that people face. I use bible references to teach people how to face life circumstances the way God intends. I am totally open to the idea of a guest blogger

  12. Hello thanks for your list, it is so helpful. Yes, i am also a blogger at http://www.nemvicx.blogspot.com and I write about Christianity, relationships, businesses, theology, health, recipes for success and leadership. I would love to be a guest writer here too. I am gonna try some of the blogs you have listed, thanks and God bless you

  13. Hello and thanks for your work on this article. My wife and I have a blog whose main theme is our struggle with infertility, but a few touch on my struggles as well with being disabled and having ADHD. Our website it dancingintherainourstory.blogspot.com
    Please feel free to view it and leave us some feedback.

  14. Thanks for the list………………… I am going to check them out soon.
    Yes I am a blogger and I blog at (www.thedreamlodge.wordpress.com).

    Thanks so much for this article as it really blesses me

  15. What a blessed read and even if divine connections are not made here, we walk away inspired, encouraged and ultimately blessed because its not about us. JESUS is the one pulling strings and anointing and appointing, the words above are proof of that. Blessings and love in JESUS name with thanks for this article and all replies too!

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    I’m Sylvia and i’m representing Marriage.com, the world’s largest marriage resource, where we provide information and a community that supports healthy, happy marriages.

    I’m reaching out because I’m seeking an opportunity to feature our Blog on your site. I sincerely believe that we’re one brand you would love collaborating with.

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