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prime reading at amazon

Amazon Prime got million times better as they introduced Prime Reading, but unfortunately it didn’t get to at once. But, now Prime Reading is available in Germany as well!

Don’t you know what Prime Reading is yet? Read my article on the topic and find out why this is a magnificent service that I believe you will enjoy a lot! In short Prime Reading is a development of the former book library at where you could borrow books. The former version did not work well and was hard to understand, while Prime Reading is super simple and loaded with interesting books, papers and magazines. Since I discovered it I have read quite a lot of books in this way, and it is brilliant that you can borrow as many as 10 books at the same time. And if you do not like the book, just “deliver” it back and no harm is done to your nor your wallet.

Recently Prime Reading became available for Prime members in Germany as well (and at Amazon in the UK). Simply visit and sign up for Amazon Prime and you will find it.

Where do I find Prime Reading at Amazon?

The easiest way to find Prime reading is as follows:

  • Click “Shop by department” (Alle Kategorien) in the upper left corner of the Amazon Page.
    prime reading at amazon
  • Then you select Books & Audible (Bücher & Audible)
  • You will now find Prime Reading in the menu.
    Neu Prime Reading
  • You are now ready to find Prime Reading books.

If you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime yet, you will simply get an introduction page where you will find information about the product, and for sure encourage you to sign up. You can see an example screenshot beneath (in German).

Read lots of books and magazines for free with Prime Reading
Read lots of books and magazines for free with Prime Reading

If you have signed up then you will see something much better, a large selection of books and magazines free for you to enjoy. It will look something like this:

Available with Prime REading
You can scroll on and on and find lots of books and magazines available for free with your Prime subscription

Doesn’t this sound cool? And in about two weeks from now it is time for the annual Prime Day, meaning that you as a Prime member will get access to hundreds of thousands of special deals, available only to Prime members. Doesn’t that sound like a big treat? I am for sure looking forward to it!

Are you eager to get started with Prime Reading and with your Prime subscription? Visit or and get started right away. If you want to know more about how you can get access to in English or some other language, read this article.

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