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Prime Reading is here on Amazon.de as well!

Amazon Prime got million times better as they introduced Prime Reading, but unfortunately it didn’t get to Amazon.de at once. But, now Prime Reading is available in Germany as well! Don’t you know what Prime Reading is yet? Read my article on the topic and find out why this is a magnificent service that I

What is Prime Reading?

I just received an email from Amazon where they told me that my Prime membership now includes Prime Reading. My immediate response was: What is Prime reading? The Amazon Prime membership has been useful for me a long time already. The tool I use the most is of course the Prime videos which can be

Watch your favorite TV shows offline

If you have Amazon Prime then I hope you have read my recent article posted on amazonprime.fromabroad.org telling you about how you can now watch Amazon Prime videos offline. This means that you can download entire films or lots of episodes from your favorite TV shows and watch them offline, when you are far away

Life of Crime available to Prime members

The Life of Crime is an American crime comedy which was released in 2013 and it was written and directed by Daniel Schechter. The movie is based on Elmore Leonard’s 1978’s novel The Switch. The main characters in the movie are Jennifer Aniston as Margaret “Mickey” Dawson, Yasiin Bey as Ordell Robbie, Isla Fisher as