What is Prime Reading?

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I just received an email from Amazon where they told me that my Prime membership now includes Prime Reading. My immediate response was: What is Prime reading?

The Amazon Prime membership has been useful for me a long time already. The tool I use the most is of course the Prime videos which can be watched for free, but from time to time I also enjoy the free music available with my Amazon Prime subscription. It is a fact that I do not live in the United States, and thus I can not take real advantage of the Free 2-Day shopping, but the monthly book offered for free comes useful no matter where you might be in the world.

But, then came the email telling me that Prime reading is now included in my Prime subscription. What is Prime Reading?

What is Prime Reading?

The reality of Prime Reading is that is is really much the same as the Amazon Lending Library was so far. The only problem with the library (which was included in the Prime subscription) is that it was very hard to maneuver and to understand. Which books are included? How can I find those free books which can be borrowed for free in the library? It was so hard that I kind of gave up on all of it. But, luckily Prime Reading has arrived, and now things are so much easier.

Click the link above you will be taken straight to Amazon Prime Reading and its official site on Amazon.com. If you have a Prime subscription you will at once see a large offer of books and magazines that you can borrow for free from Amazon.com right away. If you do not have an Amazon Prime account yet then you can sign up first (try it for free for thirty days) and then you can see what’s available. To help you out I have however made a screenshot of what Amazon Prime Reading looks like at the time this article is written.


What is Prime Reading? Here you can see some of the titles available at Amazon.com

How does Prime reading work?

It is quite easy to understand how Prime reading works. Here are some of the basics.

  • The Prime Reading library is not a constant library, but the content available changes. That is why you will see different magazines, books and titles available depending on when you visit. That is also a reason for you to return back frequently to see if something new and interesting has arrived.
  • You can borrow ten books and magazines at most at the same time with Prime Reading. But, ten books and magazines should be more than enough, so that is a quite high limit in fact. When you are finished reading a book or do not feel like reading it anymore, hand it back, and you can borrow some other book instead.

It is important to know that you can not only borrow books in Prime Reading. Here you can see a screenshot showing magazines that I can borrow for free with my Prime subscription right now (as a part of Prime Reading).


Enjoy National Geographics, Cosmopolitan, PEOPLE Magazine and other titles with Prime Reading

As I mentioned earlier I can not guarantee that these magazines will be available whenever you visit Prime Reading, but if they are missing, then you will for sure find some other great magazines available instead!

Doesn’t this sound cool? Why don’t you visit Prime Reading right away and borrow your first books and magazines right away?

And congratulations to Amazon.com with this new function. I no longer wonder what Prime reading is. Instead I have already borrowed three books and look forward to follow this function in the future!

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  1. i chose 10 books, but there is nothing in my library:/ the instructions said choose ten and start reading… but where are the books?

    • Hello Jonathan,
      do like this.. once you borrow a book using Prime Reading you will immediately come to a page confirming that you have borrowed the book. There you will either see “Continue shopping in Kindle Store” or “My Prime Reading Library.” Go to the library and there you will find the books at once!

  2. Finally Prime Reading has come to Germany as well! I have been waiting for it for such a long time (it feels like ages), but now it is here. Thanks for the info!

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