Watch your favorite TV shows offline


If you have Amazon Prime then I hope you have read my recent article posted on telling you about how you can now watch Amazon Prime videos offline. This means that you can download entire films or lots of episodes from your favorite TV shows and watch them offline, when you are far away from a place with an Internet connection.

This is a function available on for example Android phones and here you can see a screenshot I made showing how I can download an episode of Catastrophe, a great Amazon TV series, using the Amazon Video app and thus I can bring it with me and watch it offline whenever I want to.

I can download Catastrophe and other Amazon Prime videos and watch them offline

For this to work you will need a Prime subscription and you will of course need to be located in the United States, or read my following article telling you how to watch Prime and Instant Videos from abroad.

Go ahead and try it right away, and why not download your favorite show and go out for a walk in the forest and watch it there in peace and quietness?

Enjoy! If you should have any comments or questions, just write!

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