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The fantastic Lake Balaton

Waiting for the summer to come (Lake Balaton picture)

It is December and it is cold outside. It is on days such as this[…]

Watch Tomorrowland online on

Tomorrowland is a film from 2015 in which we meet George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt[…]

Am I the only one who find Mozart in the Jungle to be boring?

Yesterday Mozart in the Jungle won two Golden Globe awards, including the price for the[…]

A short Minions review

I like watching films and if you follow this blog and all my other film[…]

Kindle Fire

TV series like Grey’s Anatomy and ER

Are you out there looking for TV series like Grey’s Anatomy and ER? There are[…]

Watch your favorite TV shows offline

If you have Amazon Prime then I hope you have read my recent article posted[…]

Wordpress comments

Do not miss out on these shows on FOX!

Fox is an American commercial broadcast television network which was founded in October in 1985.[…]

Can I make my US Fire Stick work in the UK?

If you have a Fire Stick that you are currently using to watch lots of[…]

Life of Crime available to Prime members

The Life of Crime is an American crime comedy which was released in 2013 and[…]

Watch True Detective Season 2 on HBO Now

Four days ago the second season of True Detective had its premiere on HBO in[…]