A short Minions review


I like watching films and if you follow this blog and all my other film and TV series related blogs then you probably know that already. During Christmas I got to watch the Minions film and here is my short Minions review.

I am not a big fan of the original film Gru in which the Minions first appeared, so I started watching this film with no special relationship to these small yellow creatures. As I first started the film I really enjoyed watching the first minutes were we got to know more about the background of the Minions and followed their walk throughout history until their arrival about today. And then the story itself started showing us how three Minions go out to save their kind and find them a new master to serve in this world.

The story behind the film itself might not be the best I have ever heard, but as I watched the film I felt an eagerness to keep watching and I was curious to see how these three small yellow creatures would finally end up. After all they are not really evil guys, but somehow they always end up in service of evil, and they do so with big smiles and without actually understanding anything.

The story later takes us all the way to London and in the film you can also watch scenes from famous attractions and sights in London. I will of course not tell you more about the story than this, because if you have not yet seen the film I do not want to be one that spoils the big jokes and the story, but all in all I can tell you that this is a quite harmless film that can give you 90 minutes of amusement. It is to scary for the smallest children, but if they are a bit older they will enjoy the film as well!

You can watch The Minions on Amazon.com . You can still not watch it on services like Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix, but maybe in a few months from now it will start showing up on the best streaming services.

Have you seen The Minions? Did you like the film? Would you recommend it to others?


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