Can I make my US Fire Stick work in the UK?


If you have a Fire Stick that you are currently using to watch lots of content in the USA, then you might wonder if you can change it and use it in the UK instead.

Here on this page I have written quite a lot of articles about watching Amazon Prime and Instant Videos from abroad, and how to make the Amazon Fire TV Stick from abroad. There is however some problems coming up as you want to change nations. I am writing based on experience as I bumped into several challenges. This is what I did:

  1. I created a brand new Amazon account in the UK Amazon Store with a UK address and a payment card
  2. I removed the current user registered on the Fire Stick and added the new user based on the user I just made in the UK shop
  3. I setup my WiFi connection to connect to a VPN server in the UK, and then I used this WiFi connection on the Fire Stick.
  4. I restarted the Fire TV Stick.

This is how it worked for me, and in this way I could change my US Fire Stick to a UK Fire Stick. This is a short summary of a longer article, so for more detailed information on this subject, please read the following article.

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