How to get a share button for WhatsApp?

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Share button for WhatsAppWe all love those social sharing buttons on our websites, and recently I suddenly discovered a new opportunity which can explode your visitor amount. That is the share button for WhatsApp.

If you scroll down at the bottom of this article you can see among the sharing buttons that there is a WhatsApp icon as well. If you read this article on your Android or iOS device just click the button and you will get the chance to share this article on WhatsApp. That is amazing considering the incredible amount of people using WhatsApp, and if until now it has been so complicated to share websites on WhatsApp (copy paste), but with the new button things just got much easier.

Unfortunately most sharing plugins for WordPress have not yet updated and added the WhatsApp sharing possibility, but if you want a sharing plugin with WhatsApp included, then AddToAny will do. That is at least the plugin I am using here at this page.

Use the share button for WhatsApp to share this article

So, happy sharing, and do not forget to share this article with your friends using WhatsApp to let them know about this great possibility.

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