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WhatsApp sharing

How to get a share button for WhatsApp?

We all love those social sharing buttons on our websites, and recently I suddenly discovered[…]

My page suddenly lost quite a lot of Facebook likes

My page suddenly lost quite a lot of Facebook likes

Have your Facebook page suddenly lost quite a lot of Facebook likes? Maybe you had[…]

HootSuite vs. Buffer

In our days social media is getting more and more important, and it also has[…]

How to automatically post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus when updating your blog?

If you have several websites with lots of different social media profiles it can turn[…]

Now you can use hashtags on Facebook!

I just woke up this morning with a post from Mark Zuckerberg on the top[…]

Do YouTube links influence your Google ranking?

We all love incoming links, especially those links which influence our Google ranking in a[…]

How Pinterest can bring visitors to your blog and give you a better Google ranking

Pinterest is pinboard style photo sharing site which has been online since March 2010. Since[…]

Why on earth should I use Twitter?

I have been on Twitter for quite a while, but I must admit that it[…]

Tell friends this post is important – Facebook profile post promotion

For quite a while it has been possible to promote posts added to Facebook pages,[…]

How Effective Are Facebook Ads When You Want New Followers for Your Facebook Fan Page?

I just finished two different Facebook ad campaigns and I thought I’d share my thoughts[…]