My page suddenly lost quite a lot of Facebook likes

My page suddenly lost quite a lot of Facebook likesHave your Facebook page suddenly lost quite a lot of Facebook likes? Maybe you had a Facebook page dedicated to your blog, and suddenly you experienced that you lost 10-20-30-40-50 followers, in just a night? What happened?

In these days Facebook is doing what they call a serious clean up, and in this clean up process they are removing inactive users and their Facebook likes. In other words, you have not actually lost likes from active Facebook users, but you have lost likes from Facebook users who no longer exist. Maybe they have ceased to exist and therefore their Facebook account has been removed, or maybe they just deactivated their Facebook account to user their time more wisely instead, and since they do not manage to just use Facebook 5 minutes a day, it is either take care of Facebook by deactivating their accounts, or if not, Facebook will take care of you! So, such users who have deactivated their accounts will also have their Facebook page likes removed, so if you have lost quite a lot of Facebook likes recently, this is probably the reason!

If a user that once deactivated their Facebook account suddenly decides to activate their account over again, then their Facebook page likes will turn active again, and you will get their Facebook like of your page back!

Have fun!

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