Now it is even more important to make your website mobile friendly!

Google shows mobile friendly sites

Not long ago I was outdoors and wanted to look for something on Google with my mobile phone. That is when I noticed something that I have not seen before, a little text added by Google to the search telling me if the site in the search result is mobile friendly.

You will see it on the screenshot further down that Google will now present this extra information to mobile users in their search results, meaning that websites which are mobile friendly will be marked as “Mobile-friendly” in search results, while sites not mobile friendly will just remain without the mobile friendly text.

If you have ever surfed the web with a mobile phone you will for sure know how annoying it is when you try to read a text on a website, but you spend all your time scrolling in all directions to be able to read one single sentence. And, if you have experienced that you will for sure enjoy the information Google now provides you, meaning that you will click the mobile friendly link on third place in the Google search results, instead of the first two results which are on sites that are not mobile friendly. In other words, it is more important than ever to make your website or blog mobile friendly.

Google shows mobile friendly sites

Yes, is a mobile friendly site!

Above you can see the results as I looked in Google for information on how to remove and find malware on your website. As my blog showed up in the search result it is listed as a mobile-friendly site, something I am happy for, and for sure tons of people searching Google for information.

But, how can you make your website or blog mobile friendly. If you are a WordPress user the number one answer is simply to pick a mobile friendly WordPress theme. That will solve the problem in a few seconds! If you use some other platform they will for sure have themes which are mobile friendly as well, and if you do the hard coding yourself you are probably so smart that you know how to make your website mobile friendly anyway!

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