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Can Hungary surprise in Euro 2020?

We are only two days from the start of the European Championship in football, also known as Euro 2020. The name is quite strange, knowing that it is 2021, but I guess COVID has changed more than just the way we live, it has also changed how and when sports events are arranged. After all,

Can I shop from Amazon Germany in English?

Do you want to shop from (Amazon Germany), but do not understand English? This is how you can easily shop in English from Amazon in Germany. For lots of people in Europe the German Amazon Store is the ideal to use, either because you live in Germany or because you live somewhere else (maybe

How to make WiFi hotspot with iPhone?

Do you have an Internet connection on your iPhone that you would like to share with  other device? Find out how to make hotspot with iPhone in this article! It is very easy to share iPhone Internet connection with other devices, and what I describe here will answer the following questions: How to share your