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An Easy Guide to Optimism (the cryptocurrency) – What is it all about?

Cryptocurrencies have changed how money works. One interesting cryptocurrency is Optimism. Let’s find out what[…]

Can Hungary surprise in Euro 2020?

We are only two days from the start of the European Championship in football, also[…]

I saw this picture as I logged in to Windows 10. Is it from Scotland?

What do I see on the picture as I start Windows 10? What city, landscape? How to find out!

Have you seen a beautiful image as you start Windows 10 before you see your[…]

Skype with Android guide 1

How to send SMS with Skype on Android?

Would you like to send an SMS with Skype on Android? Can’t you find out[…]


Is Prime Reading available on Amazon in Germany and England?

I recently wrote an article on Prime Reading and what it is about (I really[…]

amazon-de-in-english – Now also in English and Dutch!

I do understand some German, but I am far more relaxed if I visit a[…]

shopping from amazon in england

How to get goods from delivered to Europe?

If you have visited you will for sure have found great goods and products.[…]

Amazon Germany in English

Can I shop from Amazon Germany in English?

Do you want to shop from (Amazon Germany), but do not understand English? This[…]

how to make wifi hotspot with iphone

How to make WiFi hotspot with iPhone?

Do you have an Internet connection on your iPhone that you would like to share[…]

Amazon Cloud Drive

Looking for a cheap unlimited cloud storage?

Are you looking for a cheap unlimited cloud storage? Looking for a place where you[…]