How to make WiFi hotspot with iPhone?

how to make wifi hotspot with iphone

how to make wifi hotspot with iphoneDo you have an Internet connection on your iPhone that you would like to share with  other device? Find out how to make hotspot with iPhone in this article!

It is very easy to share iPhone Internet connection with other devices, and what I describe here will answer the following questions:

  • How to share your 3G Internet connection on iPhone?
  • How to create a WiFi hotspot with iPhone?
  • Can I share the Internet connection on my iPhone?

These are all questions that have one answer and the answer is yes, and this is how you can make WiFi hotspot with iPhone! And yes, that is brilliant, because then you can for example share your Internet connection so that you can surf the Internet with your iPad using the Internet connection of your iPhone and so on. In fact as I write this article I am using the 3G connection of my mobile phone which is shared to other device, and thus I sit on my laptop writing this article using the 3G connection from my iPhone.

How to make WiFi hotspot with iPhone?

  • Enter Settings on your iPhone
  • Enter Cellular (or Personal Hotspot if you see that).
  • If you pressed Cellular you scroll down until you find HotSpot.
  • Enable the Hotspot and you can now find the connection on your nearby devices. The Hotspot WiFi password can be seen beneath, and you can of course change it if you want to.
  • If you have already used the Personal Hotspot on your iPhone then you can press that immediately from the settings and enable the iPhone hotspot.

Enjoy surfing the Internet and if you have any problems, just write a comment!


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