How to make an iPad screenshot?


make an iPad screenshotDo you want to make an iPad screenshot, showing what you are doing exactly on the iPad? That can be useful when you are blogging and want to show the world what you are doing.

Earlier we have written similar articles on how to make a screenshot on your Nexus phone, and we though it was time that we continue the success. So, how can you make an iPad screenshot? If you have your iPad ready, get ready to make your first screenshot!

How to make an iPad screenshot?

  1. Press the home button and the power button simultaneously
  2. You will see the display blink, which means that the picture has been made
  3. Go to your photos folder and you should be able to see your newly taken screenshot there.

I hope these few steps will work out just as well for you as they did for me! Good luck making those screenshots and happy blogging!

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