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Skype with Android guide 1

How to send SMS with Skype on Android?

Would you like to send an SMS with Skype on Android? Can’t you find out[…]

Crenova XPE460 review

A Crenova XPE460 projector review

A while back I didn’t even know that mini projectors existed. Then I suddenly discovered[…]


Need more USB ports or HDMI ports? This is the solution!

So often we sit around with a problem and suffer instead of finding a solution.[…]

Suddenly my keyboard stopped working in Firefox

Keyboard suddenly not working in Firefox – Thunderbird

Yesterday I got a problem that I could not really explain. Just out of the[…]

Import Google contacts to iPhone

Can I import Google contacts to my iPhone?

Have you recently bought yourself a new iPhone and would like to have all your[…]

Sent from my Android device

How to get rid of “Sent from my Android device with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.”

Are you using the K9 Mail reader for your Android device or maybe for your[…]

Opera Turbo - Best browser for less bandwidth

Which is the best browser for Windows if you want to save bandwidth?

If you sit at home with a nice broadband connection you do not really care[…]

Sucuri full refund policy

A little Sucuri review

After using Sucuri for more than three months I have found that time is here[…]

Search and Replace - Wordpress image import

How to import WordPress posts and images to new server?

Have you ever had a WordPress site, only to find out that you want to[…]

Your Sitemap is HTML error in Google Webmaster Tools

Recently I had a problem occurring which really annoyed me. I used Yoast SEO plugin[…]