Category: Technical

New Google Page Rank update

I just visited Business and Faith to publish the new inspirational Monday message when I suddenly noticed something in my browser toolbar. It was a sweet sign that I have been waiting for since publishing Business and Faith in December… Page Rank update! A new website always start with Page Rank 0. The highest Page

How to remove syllabication in WordPress?

Last week I published a new post and suddenly I noticed that instead of starting a new line with the new word, it was divided in two by WordPress (syllabication). I did not like it, so I wondered how I could add a typical word wrap, removing the hyphenation from WordPress. Here comes the solution!

How to create a WordPress child theme?

Would you like to create a WordPress child theme? Here comes the basics on how to create a child theme and also a short explanation about why a WordPress child theme can be useful for you and your blog. Why create a WordPress child theme? A child theme can be very useful when you need

How to change WordPress excerpt size?

Recently I had a little challenge with an rss-feed. The normal excerpt which is added to the feed contains 55 words in total (see the Business and Faith feed as an example). The problem was that I needed the excerpt to contain more words as some blog catalogues used the excerpt to share the blog