How to find the IP address and server location my blog?


Why on earth do I need to know the IP address of my blog? If you are here your probably now why and there might be a lot of reasons to do so.

The easiest way to find the IP address of your blog is to visit one of many sites offering a quick IP or host look up. Normally all you have to do is enter the address of your blog and within seconds you will get information about the IP address of your blog. On most occasions you will not only find the IP address of your blog, but you will also get information about the location of the server hosting your actual blog.

[stextbox id=”info”]If you want to check the IP address and find the server location of your blog, visit the IP Address Guide. The screenshot beneath this text box is taken from the what is my IP address page in the IP Address Guide. [/stextbox]

Why can this information be useful?

Where is How to Blog Info server located?

Our server and IP address is located in Denmark

The information about the location of your blog can be useful in several ways. If you target audience in the UK it is very useful to have your blog hosted on a server in the UK. It is not a disaster if your server is located somewhere else, but it is still worth considering.

The information about the IP address of your blog can also be useful if you have several blogs online linking to one another. A link from the same IP address is not as juicy as a link from a blog with another IP address, so if you create several blogs which you believe will do some linking to one another (make sure that these are valid and good links), then you might want to consider hosting them on different servers with different IP addresses.

Happy blogging and hope you find the IP information you are looking for.

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