How can I schedule a post on Blogger?


Blogger is one of the most popular blogging tools online and it is extremely easy to use and setup. If you are like many other bloggers you write many articles at the same time and then schedule their publishing to make sure to have fresh content published to your blog every day the coming week instead of seven posts at the same time. But, how can I schedule a post on Blogger?

The very basic is to log in to your Blogger account. Select the blog you would like to work with and enter the blog post or create the blog post you would like to schedule. Once you have the blog post opened which you would like to schedule make sure to read it through and be sure that it is finished and ready to be published. But, since you do not want to publish it at once you should look to the right on the screen where you can find the “Post settings.” The first option you can choose is Labels. In this option you can add keywords to your post which is useful when you want people to be able to find all posts written about a certain keyword.

schedule post on blogger

Schedule posts on Blogger easily

The next post setting available is “Published on.” This is where you will be able to schedule your Blogger post. In general this option is set to automatic, so when you press publish, the post will at once turn public and available for everyone to see. If you’d rather schedule your post you need to choose “Set date and time” instead. There you can select the date from a calendar and the time of the day you want the blog post to turn visible. Do not forget to press the done button after you have set the scheduled date and time.

If you scheduled the post for a time in the future and save the post it will be able to preview the post, but it will not be visible to your blog readers before the actual publish date.

Good luck with scheduling your Blogger posts and happy blogging!

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