How to add a widget to a post or a page in Wordpress?


If you have been working with WordPress for a while you have probably been annoyed and irritated as you found a great plugin that you wanted to add to a blog post or a page, but you were not able to, because it could only be inserted as a widget. Here is the solution!

If you want to add a widget to a post or a page in WordPress the solution is another plugin. There are several plugins offering such help, but one that we have tried ourselves and found to be very useful is the “Widgets on Pages” plugin. Search for the plugin in your WordPress admin, download the tool and enable it. Once enabled head over to your widgets. There you will find a new “sidebar” added by the Widgets on Pages plugin. Drag the requested widget to this sidebar and copy the code which you can see in the sidebar window (f.ex: [widgets_on_pages id=”Test”]” ).

Widgets on posts and pages

[stextbox id=”info”]If you use this technique you can easily show the latest posts, latest comments and all those standard widgets in your WordPress installation on any given blog post or blog page. [/stextbox]

Now that you have copied the code all you need to do is to head over to the WordPress post or page in which you want to add the widget and paste the code. Later press the publish button and take a look at your own little masterpiece.

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  1. I thought the answer to this question would be really complicated, but using this plugin it turned out to be really easy. Thank you for the help and the good advises on how to add a widget to a WordPress page.

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