How to get a pop-up with related article in the bottom right corner in Wordpress?


Maybe you have visited cool blogs around and when you scroll down in the article you find this little window coming up in the lower right corner with advises for other articles you should read. Do you want one yourself?

It is very easy to get a related article pop-up in the lower right corner of your blog in WordPress. Yet again a WordPress plugin is the solution and the name of such a plugin is SimpleReach Slide (thanks for the blog post Lionblogger). Just type SimpleReach Slide as you search for plugins in WordPress and you will find the plugin. Afterwards all you need to do is to install it and activate it and you are ready to go.

Recommended articles in lower right corner of your blog

Recommended articles in lower right corner of your blog

As you have activated the plugin visit Settings – SimpleReach Slide. There you need to sign in and register yourself with an email address and a password. Once this is done you can start modifying how you want the popup window to look.

Editing the SimpleReach Slide settings

Editing the SimpleReach Slide settings

It will take some time from you register until your blog will be processed and indexed by the SimpleReach Slide. Therefore you should wait with patience for some minutes before expecting the pop-up window to show up in the lower right corner of your blog.

How SimpleReach Slide looks at How to Blog Info?

We can not guarantee it, but by the time we are writing this article we have the plugin running and you should be able to see the pop-up window in the bottom right corner of the blog with information about other recommended content. If it is not there for some sort of reason (maybe we decide to remove it in the future), you can still see the following screenshot from our blog showing what it looked like back then when it was still running.

Sharing content in lower right corner

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  1. Thanks for the great illustration!!! was helpfull indeed. i’l try the plugin right away on my site and post back if i get it done successfully! Thanks again for the useful post 🙂

  2. It’s a relief that I was able to come across it has the information I was actually hunting for. It’s extremely useful and you’re definitely really knowledgeable in this field. Thanks to your wealth of information, I’ve figured out
    a whole lot more about the subject and will be coming back for more.

    • Hello! I haven’t seen pop up boxes for Facebook likes yet. Yesterday I saw a site which had a permanent Facebook like box in lower right corner of the page, but it was no pop up once scrolling down. If I find something, I will for sure write an article about it and tell you here!

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