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account suspended

Website temporarily closed – Is your website hacked?

This morning I was about to visit one of my blogs to write a post.[…]

seo ultimate review

My SEO Ultimate review

I am recently doing my best at testing different SEO plugins for WordPress and recently[…]

A WPML friendly related posts plugin for Wordpress

Related posts plugin compatible with WPML

Are you using WPML and want to find a WordPress plugin showing related posts on[…]

URL embedding does not work in WordPress 4.4 – Why?

WordPress 4.4 has just been released and one of the big news in this version[…]

MH Newsdesk Lite

How to remove “MH Newsdesk lite by MH Themes”?

I am just sitting here by my computer and looking at a WordPress blog when[…]

Hide those featured images

How to remove featured images from WordPress posts?

The featured images in WordPress is one of the most annoying things I experience as[…]

Built with Compose

How to remove Built with Compose from WordPress footer?

Are you using the Compose theme currently in your WordPress installation? Do you like the[…]


How to use Duplicator to move an entire WordPress page?

If you want to move an entire WordPress site from one server to another and[…]

Wordpress 4 header keyboard shortcuts

Heading keyboard shortcuts not working in WordPress – Solution!

Have you problems with using the keyboard shortcuts for making headers in WordPress after updating[…]