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seo ultimate review
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I am recently doing my best at testing different SEO plugins for WordPress and recently I wrote my Squirrly SEO vs Yoast SEO article. Now I I have tested SEO Ultimate which is another popular SEO plugin for WordPress and here you can find my SEO Ultimate review.

You might wonder why I am not comparing SEO Ultimate to another plugin like I did with Squirrly SEO and Yoast SEO, but the truth is that in the end I will write a big article comparing everyone and then there might be a big winner. But, since I am still in the testing process I do not have a winner yet. It is also important to see that there is a big difference between SEO Ultimate and Yoast and Squirrly. All three plugins are SEO plugins, but what makes SEO Ultimate very different from those plugins is that it will not help you in the same way optimizing an article for certain keywords.

As you write an article both Squirrly and Yoast will help you, if you let them, optimizing your article for given keywords and they along the way tell you about how often you have been using a given keyword and they give you advises for how to optimize even more. SEO Ultimate does not have anything like that, and some people will write this of as a big minus, while others will say that they never used that function in Yoast and Squirrly anyway. It should also be said that if you have used Yoast or Squirrly for a while and written a few optimized articles then it is kind of in your blood and you will optimize your articles going on auto-pilot, because it has become a part of your style of writing. Enough about that!

seo ultimate review

SEO Ultimate review: What I love about the plugin

Deeplink Juggernaut

There are a few things that I simply enjoy a lot as I use SEO Ultimate and that is a function you might have never heard about or think of, the Deeplink Juggernaut. Whenever you write an article you can use this function to automatically setting up keywords for which the plugin will automatically will create internal links on your website to this given post for the keywords you enter. This is a very useful function and as you can see on the picture beneath I have set up that if one of the given keywords exist in an blog post or page it will add a link to the article I am about to publish. In that way you can help build a very nice structure of internal links and you can also decide the anchor texts which will make those links.

Deeplink Juggernaut

Make internal links using deeplink juggernaut in SEO Ultimate

You have quite a lot of options when it comes to the deeplinks, meaning that you can decide if you only want deeplinks to show up on posts, or on pages, how many links will show up in one article and so much more.

Code inserter and file editor

I have not used it so much yet, but it for sure is useful that you can add codes to your WordPress header, to the area before the content, after the content or in the footer. This is information that will remain even after updating your theme, making it much easier to use than to setup a WordPress child theme. A quite similar function that I find very useful is the file editor in which you can update and change your robots.txt and .htaccess directly in the WordPress dashboard. If you need to redirect a 404 error to another site then you can easily do so in the .htaccess file, and since you also have a 404 error monitor in the plugin this is a combination you might use a lot!

Easy to mass-update descriptions, titles and more

With SEO Ultimate it is very easy to mass update titles of your posts and pages and mass update META descriptions. If you have never really made META descriptions and now want to repent from that, then you can visit all pages and posts and easily update the descriptions without manually opening up every single post. Another useful function is the chance to make default values for META descriptions for posts, pages, tags, categories and more, something that you will find very useful if you have a standard META value that you want to add, just adding the title to the description and some more.

SEO Ultimate and Rich Snippets

If you write articles about certain content or places, then using Rich Snippets can give you more visitors and make it much easier for people to find your site. If it is a review then you can easily register as a review in Search Result type, and then Google will also crawl it like that. You can also register a new article as a place, and thus Google will crawl your page like that and it will show up in Google in a different way from a normal article. Using this is very easy in SEO Ultimate.

Social Media optimizing in SEO Ultimate

Just like you can easily use Rich Snippets in SEO Ultimate you can also optimize your articles for social media. You can easily set a new title for the blog post as you want it to show up on Facebook, and you can also make a dedicated Facebook description of your article. Even more important is the picture that you want to be shown on social media as someone share your article, so here you can also upload a picture that you want to be shown together with the article as it is shared on social media.

SEO Ultimate for social media optimizing

Here you can enter the information you want to show up as someone share your article on Facebook and Twitter.

SEO Ultimate review conclusion

I mentioned in the start of the article that I might miss the chance to optimize an article for given keywords, but since I normally would not use it, then I might not miss it after all. Squirrly had some nice functions checking Google ranking for different keywords and incoming links to your published articles and those I would of course love to see in SEO Ultimate as well, but that is probably why you have to pay a bit for Squirrly while SEO Ultimate is totally free.

This is a brilliant SEO plugin if you know what you are doing and if you know some stuff about optimizing your article for given keywords. If you do so, then I can warmly recommend SEO Ultimate. If you have never tried out optimizing your article for keywords, then I would rather try Yoast or Squirrly, and as you get into that, then SEO Ultimate is perfect for you to keep going!

How do you like SEO Ultimate? What functions do you like and what functions do you miss from the plugin? Share your SEO Ultimate review here and let both me and my readers know how you like it!

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