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seo ultimate review

My SEO Ultimate review

I am recently doing my best at testing different SEO plugins for WordPress and recently[…]

yoast vs squirrly

Yoast SEO vs Squirrly SEO

I have recently tried to use some extra energy when it comes to writing articles[…]

Good links coming from outside

Be alert and get good incoming links!

If you work as a webmaster you will for sure want more visitors to your[…]

Forget about Page Rank

For a long time webmasters have been looking to different sites and toolbars for information[…]

Should I be careful with affiliate links on my blog?

Most bloggers live of advertisements in different ways. Some people get money from Google ads,[…]

Redirect 301 and Page Rank – Some important discoveries

From time to time you will need to redirect an entire website or one single[…]

Server location and IP and its influence on your SEO

When we discuss SEO we normally speak about brilliant content and high quality incoming links.[…]

Bizusgar – Get new readers and rank better

The first days and months of a blog can be extremely tough. You do your[…]

Do YouTube links influence your Google ranking?

We all love incoming links, especially those links which influence our Google ranking in a[…]

How Pinterest can bring visitors to your blog and give you a better Google ranking

Pinterest is pinboard style photo sharing site which has been online since March 2010. Since[…]