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The first days and months of a blog can be extremely tough. You do your best to write awesome content and after doing research and writing the article you publish it. So far, so good. The setback comes the next day when you visit Google Analytics only to find out that one person has read your article. It is time for a change and I believe that Bizsugar will help you spread the word about your amazing content dealing with small business topics and blogging.

bizsugar.comI registered at Bizsugar 15 days ago. I had more than one visitor a day at my blog by then, but I felt that it would be great to have some more people reading the content that I write. Some bloggers I met elsewhere recommended Bizsugar to me, so I registered and entered my profile details. The first thing I noticed is that all links from my Bizsugar profile page back to my blog and social profiles are do-follow links (contrary to for example YouTube), so thank you for that.

As a blogger eager to get visitors I at once submitted an article to Bizsugar. The article got listed and since then it has received a total of 9 votes (or 9 sugars as it is called over there). A number you will soon learn on Bizsugar is not 3, 7 or 14… but 16. That is the magic number you will set as a goal after reading this article. If you submit an article and it gets a total of 16 votes it will be featured as popular, which again means that it will be featured on the front page of, a site with Page Rank 6. It will not stay there for a very long time, but enough to get quite a lot of visitors visit your blog and to read the featured article. Another bonus which might be worth even more than the visitor itself is that after receiving your 16 votes the no-follow is removed from your submission and the link suddenly turns into a do-follow link. Thanks again!

Personal wrap-up after using Bizsugar for 15 days

As I mentioned my first submission to Bizsugar currently has 9 votes. Since then I have published 7 other articles. After submitting a total of 9 articles I have been able to rejoice over the fact that 4 of them have turned popular, and one of them has in fact got 36 Sugars (YouTube and Google Ranking. I have had more than 100 unique visitors coming to my blog from in this period, which is extremely good, at least if you have struggled getting any visitors at all beforehand. However Bizsugar is not only about getting votes for my own content, but it is also a great place to meet others, get to know new blogs and read blog posts recommended by a large amount of other bloggers.

Want to check it out for yourself? Visit, get registered and submit some articles yourself.

Ps: Forgot to mention that it is all 100% free


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