Admit your mistakes

Inspirational Monday

During his reign David had built a good relationship with the Ammonite king Nahash. After his death David wanted to continue building a good relationship with Hanun, Nahashs son, but he did some big mistakes!

Before reading the rest of the teaching, read the bible verses from 1. Chronicles 19:1-6!

“And it happened after this, Nahash the king of the sons of Ammon died. And his son reigned in his place. And David said, I will show kindness to Hanun the son of Nahash, because his father showed kindness to me. And David sent messengers to comfort him concerning his father. And David’s servants came into the land of the sons of Ammon to Hanun, in order to comfort him. But the rulers of the sons of Ammon said to Hanun, Is David honouring your father in your eyes, because he has sent comforters to you? Have not his servants come to you to search and to overthrow and to spy out the land? And Hanun took David’s servants and shaved them, and cut off their garments in half, to the buttocks, and sent them away. And some came and told David how the men were treated. And he sent to meet them, for the men were greatly ashamed. And the king said, Stay at Jericho until your beards are grown, and then return. And the Ammonites saw that they had made themselves stink before David, and Hanun and the Ammonites sent a thousand talents of silver to hire chariots and horsemen out of Mesopotamia and out of Maachah of Syria, and out of Zobah.”

Hanun thought David sent spies and ended up insulting them and sending them home in shame. What happened then? They said the word that we never would like to hear from for example our hairdresser as he cuts our hair: „Oooooooopppssssss.” They realized, they had made a big mistake. “They didn’t want to spy on us, but they really wanted to comfort us. What do we do now?”

Hanun made the wrong decision. He could have sent people to David immediately asking for forgiveness, and tried to make it up. Instead he asks for help from Mesopotamia, Syria and Zobah so that he can fight the Israelites! Wrong decision, and it ended with failure!

We have all done mistakes

admit your mistakeWe all make wrong decisions, just like Hanun did in the first place with David. But, how we react as we realise we have made a mistake should be different. Instead of trying to defend ourselves, hide the mistake and look strong, we should be fast to ask for forgiveness, seeking peace and throw away our pride. If not it will end just like for Hanun, with failure!

If you do a mistake, do not try to hide it, but seek reconciliation as soon as you can, and stretch out for peace with everyone!

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