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Google PageRank is historyFor a long time webmasters have been looking to different sites and toolbars for information about the Page Rank of we run. Are they developiong? Is our Page Rank increasing? Is it decreasing? Most people known that the Page Rage is only updated a few times a year, so between every Page Rank update much work has been done, to make sure that by the time the next update will arrive, my page will excell and get a higher Page Rank than before. Well, now it is time to forget about Page Rank!

It is important as you read to know what Page Rank truly is. It is a tool telling about the value of your page, based on incoming links. It does not say anything about the quality of your content, but actually states different facts about the quality of incoming links pointing in your directions. In other words, you can have the best quality ever, but if not links are coming your way, then your Page Rank will remain lousy.

Time to stop thinking about Page Rank

There have been times when Page Rank updates have happened quite frequently. And there have been times when they have happened very seldom. 2013 is such a year. I remember creating the Business and Faith blog in December 2012 (just after a Page Rank update). I worked hard in December 2012 and January 2013 to create good content and get some high quality incoming links. Then in the start of February a Page Rank update was made and this blog got Page Rank 3, after being only for only two months. I was thrilled. But, when saying that it is time to stop thinking about Page Rank, I say so for the following reasons:

  1. Page Rank doesn’t at all guarantee visitors to your site
  2. Page Rank is losing more and more importance
  3. You should be looking for traffic, not higher Page Rank

Page Rank doesn’t at all guarantee visitors to your site

This page has Page Rank three and got it very early, but there are still only somewhere between 10-30 people coming by here every day from search engines. The competition is of course hard, so if all other sites dealing with business, faith and blogging had Page Rank 1, I would probably have more traffic, but still… a high Page Rank will never guarantee you much traffic, and the opposite is also true! In fact, the website with most traffic with which I work at the moment has a beautiful Page Rank 0 (it was created just by the time of the February 2013 Page Rank update). So, do not despair because of a low Page Rank. Google is much smarter than that, and so is their algorhytm.

Page Rank is losing more and more importance

Recentlty Matt Cutts said on Twitter that we would be very surprised if there would be a new Page Rank update in 2013. It seems as if the Toolbar Page Rank is losing importance also in the eyes of Google, since fewer and fewer use the toolbar. Due to this, they do not put as much effort to it anymore, so who knows if there ever will be more Page Rank updates at all?

You should be looking for traffic, not higher Page Rank

You need to work to get traffic, not Google Page Rank. Especially considering the fact that such updates only comes once a year, or maybe in the future not at all. It is hard to measure success based on Page Rank updates, because it comes to seldom and sudden. Traffic is however something you can measure, and you can day by day follow the success, or failure, of your different campaigns, articles and whatever happens on your website. And, if you have tons of traffic coming to your site, who cares if your site has Page Rank 0, 3 or 6?

Any thoughts on the topic? Agree, or disagree? Let me know!

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