How to get better incoming links?

SEO Wednesday

How to get better incoming linksAs you optimize your website you for sure know the importance of good incoming links. For a long time I thought that the amount of incoming links was what mattered, but now I realize that the quality of each link is much more important than the quantity.

In other words you can add your blog or website to hundreds of catalogues on the Internet, but it might be that you will be better served having a link to your blog from one or two quality sites compared to 100s of catalogues. Still it can be very hard to get those quality links as a little and new blog, so how can you help yourself to get better incoming links?

Guest posting is a very trendy topic in these days and if you want to you are invited to write a guest post in our Business and Faith blog. I have already posted some guest posts on other sites and what is so great about guest posting is that you write about a topic that is very similar to the subject of your blog, just somewhere else. As the author of the guest post you will be credited for it with a link next to your information and this will be a high quality link back to your page since the content of the text absolutely deals with the content of your page. If the page where you post the guest post is a good one it will kind of turn into a high quality link by itself, but if you write a guest post on a not so good site you can make the link turn into gold anyway.

The following advices are not only good for guest posts, but if you find a link to your page somewhere on the web, these advices will help boost those links to make them even better and more valuable for you!

A little example on how to get better incoming links

Last week I wrote an article named: „A Leader is a Good Listener.” This was published on Goarticles. At the bottom of the article you can find information about the author and about the Business and Faith blog. Since the post was recently posted it has Page Rank 0. What can I do to give this article a boost on Goarticles and in that way ensure that this becomes a high quality link back to my page?

1) Announce your article on Social Media networks.

Make some noise about the article you have just published or about the site that is linking to your site. This will help more people find and read your article and it will also make you a popular guest poster, as the owner of the site will enjoy the boost as you bring more visitors to the page. In my case I referred to it on both Facebook, Google+ and on Twitter.

2) Create incoming links to the page where your article can be found.

This may sound like helping another page get popular and yes, it is. If you are in control of other blogs and websites or know other bloggers and writers, try to make them refer to the guest post/linking page in a new post. In this way they will increase the worth of the page in the eyes of Google and it will just as well increase the value of the incoming link to your site. The fact that you help the owner of the site is just a bonus.

3) Refer to your guest post/site linking to you in your own blog

This is a good thing to do, even though the link suddenly turns into a two-way link instead of a one-way incoming link to your page. This is just an example, but you might have noticed that I am referring to the actual article I wrote on Goarticles in this article, thus making it a two-way link.

The three mentioned steps are small steps, but they can and will help you get better incoming links and as a consequence help you get a better SERP (Search Engine Results Position).

I hope you have enjoyed today’s SEO Wednesday post. If you have further ideas and thoughts on how to get better incoming links I would love to hear from you!

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