It’s not all about money!

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It's not all about the money!We all want to earn money and if possible, a lot of money. In the blogging world there are lots of ways in which you can earn money, but we most not let our integrity be damaged in our longing to earn more.

Yesterday as I surfed the web I found a website claiming to give great advices on how people can earn money online, from home, with only a couple of hours of work every day. The website I visited referred to and I checked them out and it looked great, but before joining I decided to read some more about the given sites online. What I did not see was that both sites require payments to join the networks. The money you pay is supposed to be refundable, but they require that you have done a lot of work and really tried the system before they will consider refunding the money you have paid (in other words; not easy to get the refund).

These sites, as well as many others, promise high payments for the work you are to do in the future, but once on the inside you often find out that you do not get at all as much money per article you write (for example) as promised beforehand. Since you in some cases have monthly fees that needs to be paid to be a part of the site you will in fact have to do quite a lot of work simply to reach 0 (and not end in minus).

What is the point?

I could make affiliate links and recommend these sites to you and earn quite some money as people join the networks. But, it’s not all about the money. Integrity is much more important than money. I will not recommend something only for the sake of money, and neither should you. If you do not like it, do not recommend it. If it is not worth joining, do not invite others to do so. After all, it’s not about the money!

Last piece of advice

If you have to pay to join a site where you can earn money, think it through for one more day and search the net for information about the site. You might deal with a scam or at least a site where you will find it very hard to earn (a lot) of money.

Ps: It might be that the mentioned sites will work out for someone and that they in fact will be able to earn money working with them, but for the general crowd these sites will not bring the fame and fortune they were dreaming about.

Ps2: I originally added the names of the given sites in the meta description of the article. When I was supposed to add the link to the Business and Faith page on Facebook I was given the message that it could not be done as the description mentioned a site ( that has been blocked from Facebook due to spamming. Not a good sign for a site that want to look professional and that promise you money through working at Twitter and Facebook.

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