Capturing Eeyore when hunting for Santa Claus

Inspirational Monday

You might wonder what kind of a topic I have selected for this article (Capturing Eeyore when hunting for Santa Claus). Well, yesterday I read a Winne the Pooh magazine together with my little boy. As I read I had a moment of revelation and here I will share what was revealed to me.

The story
Targeting Winnie the PoohIt is just before Christmas and Piglet and Winne the Pooh make a great plan together. They make a trap with which they are to capture Santa Claus as he comes by. The trap is constructed and set ut ready to capture Santa. After some waiting they hear the trap capture someone. They run to the trap… and who do they find there? The ever sad and unlucky Eeyore. And then the story ends.

What was the big revelation?
As you do work on the Internet and write lots of blog posts you often find yourself targeting special groups of people or keywords that you want to get well known for. This is important and if you do not have a clear vision and goal you will probably not succeed. But be open to surprises and be flexible. Piglet and Winne the Pooh went out to capture Santa and ended up with Eeyore. You might have a clear target, but you can end up hitting someone else. If that is so, be flexible and stay willing to adjust what you are doing and invest where you have success. Get it?

A personal example
Last year during a trip to my home town in Norway I needed to get hold of a Hungarian IP address for a while. I searched on the net and found a good solution that worked. I had to pay a little bit for the service, but I thought it was a good investment. I noticed that the service had an affiliate program so I joined and thought: „I can not lose anything writing one article about this stuff.” I didn’t even add my bank information at first because I had no faith that it was going to work. Suddenly some weeks later I got emails from the company telling that my website visitors started to order the services themselves. Since then this has turned into a nice little bonus income every month. You can read more about the service in this article dealing with how to get an IP address in another country.

What is your Eeyore?
For you to find your Eeyore you need to know who your Santa is. Maybe you have a blog with lots of articles on SEO and some on technical stuff. Make sure to use Google Analytics to analyze your content and find out what articles people read and how they find your site. As you do research you may find out that people love reading your articles about deep links, backlinks or maybe about how to make great content, while nobody read your technical articles. Or it might be opposite. It might even be that your most popular articles deal with something completely different, maybe personal stories or encouraging messages. As you analyze your content and visitors you might find Eeyore and as you find him, do not be afraid to use more energy to make the most out of the opportunities that comes together with him.

It is better to write one article to much, than one to little. You might hunt for Santa Claus and end up with something else. But that „something” might in the end be more worth than Santa himself. And while hunting for Santa, do not be afraid of allowing some hunting for Eeyore. It makes life more interesting and it can bring some nice surprises.

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