How to get an IP address in Russia?

Do you need to get hold of an IP address in the magnificent and giant nation of Russia? Read on and get yourself a Russian IP address within shortly.

Maybe you wondered why we have listed Russia in Asia? Well, the truth is that since the capital of Russia, which is Moscow, belongs to Asia, we feel it fair to list Russia under Asia and not under Europe. However, during sports events, Eurovision Song Content as similar competitions Russia still participates, so somehow they truly do belong to Europe as well! The giant nation of Russia has a population of almost 150,000,000 peope, making them one of the biggest and most important nations in the world. The Russian Ruble is the official currency of the nation, and the nation covers 10 different time zones. Enough about the nation of Russia. Let us find out how you can virtually reside in the nation of Russia and get an IP address there.

Get an IP address in Russia using a VPN

A VPN is a tool and a service provided by many companies. It simply lets you connect to a server, or a computer, somewhere else in the world and thus get an IP address given by that server. All data packages sent between these are encrypted, making this a very safe connection which is very hard to hack. A VPN is therefore very useful, not only to get a Russian IP address, but also to secure your Internet connection to make sure that none steal your personal data and passwords.

A trustworthy VPN provider with servers in Russia is VPN. They have a three day money back guarantee, so just make a subscription, download their client, connect to a server in Russia and you are ready to go. And yes, it is easy – just as easy as it sounds! Click the button and go ahead and visit their website right away and get started surfing around with a Russian IP address.


If you have a Viaplay account in Russia and travel to abroad, you will for example need a Russian IP address to be abe to watch that. But, once you have an IP in Russia you will again be able to watch Viaplay in Russia. The same is true for some of the programs on Channel One Russia and other russian TV channels.



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