How to get an IP address in Palestine?

Are you located outside the Palestine, but would like to stay there virtually? The solution is near and the solution is here. With a VPN you can easily get yourself a Palestine IP address, and with such an IP address you can find yourself surfing the Internet looking like someone residing in Gaza within a few minutes from now.

It has for a long time been hard and tough to find a VPN provider on the market with IP addresses available in Palestine, but just a few days ago the biggest and maybe best VPN provider of all on the market named HideMyAss added a new server in Palestine, meaning that with a basic HideMyAss subscription you can now get yourself a Palestine IP address, which means that wherever you are in the world, it will look to all Internet sites as if you are in Palestine, because you are connected to a VPN server there.

You can of course use the subscription to get yourself an IP address in more than 90 other nations worldwide as well, as HideMyAss has servers in so many nations, but since you are here, it probably means that what is important to you is to find a VPN provider with servers in Palestine, and for you the answer is HideMyAss.


In addition to Palestine they also added servers to for example Bahrain and Bangladesh, so if you need an IP address in any of those nations in addition to Palestine, you can get that as well with your HideMyAss subscription. If you want to know more about the VPN provider HideMyAss, read my review in the linked article.

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