How to get an IP address in Indonesia?

Not long ago I wrote an article on how to watch Netflix in Indonesia. Lots of people liked that article, so why not write an article on a very similar subject; how to get an IP address in Indonesia.

What is interesting is that it is exactly the same solution that can be used both to watch Netflix in Indonesia that can be used to get yourself an IP address in Indonesia. How come, you might think! The truth is that the answer is in paying some dollars a month and sign up for the services of maybe the best VPN provider on the market, HideMyAss. They have servers in more than 70 servers worldwide, and as you sign up and get yourself a subscription you can connect to servers in the UK and in USA which will make it possible for you to watch Netflix in Indonesia, and it will also make it possible for you to connect to a server in Indonesia and get yourself an IP address in Indonesia.

HideMyAss The country of Indonesia was for a long time subject to the rule of the Netherlands, but has been an independent nation since 1945/1949. It has more than 230 milliion inhabitants and the official language of the nation is Indonesian.

This was not a long article, but hope it has given you the knowledge you were looking for on how to get yourself an Indonesian IP address easily and quickly!


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