How to get an IP address in Macau?

Would you like to get yourself an IP address in Macau, also known as Macao? This is one of the special regions connected to China, but still separate, just like Hong Kong.

To get an IP address in Macau you need to be able to connect to a computer located in Macau in some way. That might sound very difficult, at least if those people you know in Macau only are virtual friends, or they are your family who are older than you, and have no clue how this can be done at all. If this is your problem, then there is a much easier way to get an IP address in Macau now at least, something we are all happy about!

The reason why you can get an IP address in Macau easily now, is that one of the largest VPN providers on the market named PureVPN just got a server in Macau, meaning that everyone with a PureVPN subscription can connect to this easily, and at once they are connected they will receive an IP address in the nation, and then they will be able to enjoy and do whatever they want to with the newly achieved IP in Macau.

To get started you need to visit the PureVPN website, sign up, download their client and connect to the server in Macau. Be aware of the fact that PureVPN has clients available for Android, iOS, Windows and so on, meaning that you can use this on tablets, mobile phones, laptops and more!PureVPN

While writing this article I just wanted to find out what celebrities and famous people come from Macau, but at least with my knowledge none of the people showing up seemed to be very famous. On the IMDb list of famous people from Macau the following people showed up:

  • Isabella Leong
  • Tony Ayres
  • Alex Fong

Hope you have enjoyed the article and found it useful! Enjoy surfing the Internet with an IP address in Macao. If you are in need of an IP address in China, I recommend that you read the following article that I wrote a while back in time.


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