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New Page Rank update

A while back I wrote an article about the fact that I believe Page Rank is becoming less and less important, and I also said that based on something Matt Cutts said, that it would probably be not any new Page Rank updates in 2013. I was wrong! Recently a new Google PageRank toolbar update

Forget about Page Rank

For a long time webmasters have been looking to different sites and toolbars for information about the Page Rank of we run. Are they developiong? Is our Page Rank increasing? Is it decreasing? Most people known that the Page Rage is only updated a few times a year, so between every Page Rank update much

New Google Page Rank update

I just visited Business and Faith to publish the new inspirational Monday message when I suddenly noticed something in my browser toolbar. It was a sweet sign that I have been waiting for since publishing Business and Faith in December… Page Rank update! A new website always start with Page Rank 0. The highest Page