New Google Page Rank update

I just visited Business and Faith to publish the new inspirational Monday message when I suddenly noticed something in my browser toolbar. It was a sweet sign that I have been waiting for since publishing Business and Faith in December… Page Rank update!

Google Page Rank 3
Business and Faith now has Google Page Rank 3

A new website always start with Page Rank 0. The highest Page Rank available is Page Rank 10, but in general blogs and normal websites have a Page Rank 3, 4, 5 or in some cases 6. Social network sites, governmental sites, newspapers and similar often have higher, but for normal blogs it is normal with Page Rank 3, 4, 5 or 6.

I have been writing quite a lot of guests posts around lately and as I present myself as the author of Business and Faith, a blog with Page Rank 0 it feels quite bad and embarrasing. Who wants a guest post from someone with Page Rank 0? Well, those days are over, because with the new Page Rank Business and Faith got a Page Rank 3, and from there we will hopefully continue higher up as future ratings will come.

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