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I just visited Business and Faith to publish the new inspirational Monday message when I suddenly noticed something in my browser toolbar. It was a sweet sign that I have been waiting for since publishing Business and Faith in December… Page Rank update!

Google Page Rank 3

Business and Faith now has Google Page Rank 3

A new website always start with Page Rank 0. The highest Page Rank available is Page Rank 10, but in general blogs and normal websites have a Page Rank 3, 4, 5 or in some cases 6. Social network sites, governmental sites, newspapers and similar often have higher, but for normal blogs it is normal with Page Rank 3, 4, 5 or 6.

I have been writing quite a lot of guests posts around lately and as I present myself as the author of Business and Faith, a blog with Page Rank 0 it feels quite bad and embarrasing. Who wants a guest post from someone with Page Rank 0? Well, those days are over, because with the new Page Rank Business and Faith got a Page Rank 3, and from there we will hopefully continue higher up as future ratings will come.

If you would be interested in reading some of the guests posts I have written elsewhere, check out some of the following articles:

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  1. Sigbjorn,

    Hey, that’s awesome and a great accomplishment. Do you write many comments on important blogs? That helps with page rank too. You have to write specific details and information for it to work, but it has a lot of pull. If you look up their page rank first and see that it is equal to or above yours, it carries more weight.

    Another great thing about commenting on important sites (within your keyword area) is that you get traffic back from it sometimes. Well, I can actually only speak of one site in this regard – It has become a key traffic source for me since I started commenting there regularly.

    Anyway, good work in moving up a notch. I know that it’s tough to come by, and you should be proud.

    I met you on Blog Engage by the way, and I really like your blog. I especially like the simple and clean layout. Keep up the good work.

    Darin L. Hammond

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