Who am I? Fear in the midst of Gods calling

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Fear in the midst of Gods Calling - Video blogIn Exodus chapter three God is talking to Moses from the burning bush. He is telling him that enough is enough; it is time for his people to leave the suffering and affliction in Egypt. It probably sounded like a great idea to Moses as well, at least until God called him to lead them.

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Fear in the midst of Gods calling

When God calls Moses to lead his people out of Egypt the immediate response of Moses is: “Who am I?” He looks to himself, his talents, capabilities, experience and wisdom, and can not understand how God believes that he is capable of doing such a task. Gods answer does not try to convince Moses about his gifts and talents, but it is a much more profound answer. God simply says: I am with you!

So often when we face challenges and God is calling us to do something, we face fear and intimidation. We look to ourselves (which is exactly what the enemy wants us to), and what we see is that we are not capable of doing the tasks God has called us to. Let us learn and be inspired from the story in Exodus 3 and understand that in the end it is not really our talents, wisdom and gifts that matter, but the Almighty God who has promised to be with us forever and ever.

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