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A while back I wrote an article about the fact that I believe Page Rank is becoming less and less important, and I also said that based on something Matt Cutts said, that it would probably be not any new Page Rank updates in 2013. I was wrong!

Recently a new Google PageRank toolbar update was made. That means that it is time to check all your websites and see what their Page Rank looks like after the update. I have done so, and for example my blog about Business and Faith has had a decrease, meaning that I just went from a Page Rank 3 to a Page Rank 2. No hard feelings because of that, because in the six last months I have updated the blog few times and I have not been working anything with SEO efforts at all, so totally understandable.

Page Rank update

I have seen similar examples on some other pages of mine as well, were they have lost some Page Rank, but I have of course also seen the opposite where sites have gotten a better Page Rank. Still somehow I feel as if the Page Rank update is based on somewhat old information. I am not sure why, but often when I buy a new domain and create some social media profiles and good incoming links they will get a Page Rank 1 or 2 with no problem. With this Page Rank update I have sites that have been online since July and August, with good social media profiles, incoming links and content, but still they remained with a Page Rank 0, so that kind of gives me the feeling that either something has changed, or the data for the Page Rank update is based on a somewhat old look on pages, SEO and incoming links. Anyway, who knows. After all it is the amount of visitors coming to your site that matters, not really the Page Rank.

Anyone else noticed something similar to me? What did the new Page Rank update do for you?


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