How to get an IP address in Austria?

Feel like residing in Austria virtually? That is easy with a VPN! Yes, you heard it right. With a VPN you can easily get an IP address in Austria and you can make all Internet sites believe that you stay in Austria. That is really useful!

An Austrian IP address is extremely useful, especially if you want to watch some geo-blocked content on an Austrian TV channel or something else. There are several Austrian channels allowing people in Austria to watch a mixture of live streams and programs from their libraries, but they have one thing in common… you need to actually watch them from Austria. As you try to watch from abroad you will get error messages or find out that the stream simply will not start. The problem is that they block attempts to watch their channels from outside Austria. The solution is therefore to get an Austrian IP address, so that websites tracing your location will believe that you are in Austria, even if you are somewhere else. This can be done using a VPN!

Get an Austrian IP using VPN

As you want to get hold of an Austrian IP address that can be done using a VPN which will connect you to a server in Austria. I have often used this myself, for example as I want to watch Puls4, ORF or ATV from outside Austria. I normally use IPVanish when I am in need of an Austrian IP address, and I can warmly recommend their services to you as well. It is very easy to visit their website, sign up to their services and to download their client, connect to a server in Austria and start surfing the Internet with an IP address in Austria.

IPVanish has a VPN server in Graz and it gives great download speeds and good value for your money. In addition IPVanish has servers in more than 40 other nations, so you can really use your VPN subscription for so much more than just getting an Austrian IP address. With the same subscription you can get an American IP address and watch NBC from abroad and that is just one example!


Want to try? Visit the IPVanish website and sign up today! If you want to know more about IPVanish before continuing, read my honest IPVanish review first!

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