An honest IPVanish review

Are you looking for a VPN provider with servers in more than 40 nations? Or do you only need a VPN provider with server in one specific nation? IPVanish might be the solution in both cases. Keep on reading, and I will share you my honest thoughts about IPVanish based on personal testing and experience.

I first tried IPVanish about 6 months ago and has since then tested it several times, mostly whenever I wanted to get an IP address in some other nation to watch TV from abroad (based on that I made the website named Watch From Abroad) or some other activity.

What I like about IPVanish

  • You can switch servers as much as you want (quite opposite to a service like for example StrongVPN – read a StrongVPN review in the IP Guide).
  • There are no limitations on the bandwidth you are allowed to use.
  • All protocols are available to everyone and every subscriber has access to all servers in all nations. This saves time, as you do not have to consider what package to buy as you order. You simply pick the amount of months you want your subscription to last, and that is it. No more decisions to be made.
  • They allow you with one subscription to connect with one OpenVPN protocol and one L2TP/PPTP protocol at the same time).
  • They currrently have servers in 42 nations.
  • The IPVanish client lets you see ping times to the different servers, which can help you greatly in your search for a server with good speeds.
  • They keep growing and growing, meaning that they continously get more and more new servers. This is positive, and a natural side effect of new customers coming and a need for more servers as more users use IPVanish.

IPVanish and logging

One of the important topics for many when choosing a VPN provider is their policy on logging. Here you can read shortly what IPVanish has to say about what kind of logging they do.

While we do not monitor, record or store logs for any single customer’s VPN activity, we do record the following data:

  • Timestamp (date and server time) of the connection to us
  • Duration of the connection
  • IP address used for the connection
  • Bytes transferred

My personal IPVanish experience

I have as I mentioned earlier used IPVanish for quite a while (together with several other VPN services). This might not be my personal favorite, but I would still say that this is one of my favorites. Some of their servers have really awesome download speeds, so for some specific nations this is the number one 1 VPN service available. An example of such a nation for me is Finland, where their download speeds are great and for those who want to watch Finnish TV from abroad, IPVanish is the natural solution. There are some other nations in which I wasn’t as satisfied with the speeds as in Finland, but that might also be coincidences and also the time of the day I did the test.

All in all IPVanish is a VPN service I have come to like a lot, so I have no trouble recommending it to others. However, I would love to hear from you if you have questions, personal experience with IPVanish or some other thoughts you would like to share. To try IPVanish yourself, visit their homepage.

I forgot to write it, but IPVanish has a seven day money back guarantee. Not as much as HideMyAss (which has thirty days, but still better than PureVPN which only has three days).

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