How to get an email whenever my website goes offline?

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Would you like to moniter your website and get an email whenever your website goes offline? This can be to check up on your webhost and see if they actually give you the up-time their promise, or maybe it is to be able to react quickly whenever your website goes offline. The solution is here.

This article has been written because we had the same problem ourselves. Our website went down from time to time, and sometimes when we wanted to update the site, post an article or maybe accept or decline a comment, we simply got a message that the site was unavailable and offline – annoying! That is why we started to search and look online for an option where we would automatically be sent an email whenever the website went down and went offline. We did not have to look for a long time before we found and answer, and the answer has a name: Site24x7.

Get a message when  your website is offline

Get an email whenever your website goes offline.

Get an email from Site24x7 whenever your website goes offline

We visited Site24x7 and signed up for their free account. To get started you do not need any cards or payment details, simply sign up. Here you can add as much as five urls and have them checked every tenth minute by this great tool. If one of your sites go offline you will automatically be sent an email, and you can also add support for getting message sent to your Twitter account or using SMS to your mobile phone. You can also set up groups so that reports about your website going offline will be sent to several addresses.

This is a great way of monitoring your website and getting a message at once when the problem is there. After all a website that is offline gives you no money, nor visitors and every minute you are offline can turn into a real and hurtful loss of income. Since this is a free tool, we can warmly recommend it to anyone. There is also a version of Site24x7 which you need to pay for. That is much more advanced and gives you the chance to moniter DNS servers, SMTP servers and tons of other stuff. It will also let you moniter your websites more often, in fact as often as once every minute (compared to every tenth minute using the free version).

It is easy, so get started today. Visit Site24x7 and try it yourself. If you have any thoughts or comments, or maybe you know similar products worth recommending, write a comment.

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  1. Except your tool there are other tool which can even send you an SMS or phone if something goeswrong with the site. The technology development is advancing and that is why more and more sophsticated tools appear that can monitor everything e.g. Anturis is the software that can monitor everything like sites, servers, networks, databases and so on.

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