How to get an IP address in Slovenia?

Do you need to get an IP address in Slovenia? It is easy if you are willing to pay a few dollars for it, because the biggest and maybe the best VPN provider on the market, HideMyAss, has a server in Slovenia, and once you connect to it, you will be able to surf the Internet with a Slovenian IP address.


The most common reason for wanting a Slovenian IP address is to bypass geographical blocks and regulations. That is because several websites check your location based on your IP address, and if they see that you are located outside Slovenia they will block the content or the stream, and you will not be able to watch. But, if you get an IP address in Slovenia you will pass the test and the content will be available to you.

A Slovenian IP address is also ideal if you go for a holiday to Ljubljana or maybe to Selce or some other city by the sea during summertime. Using a VPN in Slovenia you can surf the Internet as you use open networks securely, having all your data and movements online encrypted and secured. It makes things to much easier and less scary!

To get started surfing with a Slovenian IP address, visit the HideMyAss website and make a subscription.

If you are not satisfied or it doesn’t work out the way it is supposed to, HideMyAss has a thirty day money back (refund) policy, meaning that you will get your money back again if you complain within thirty days. The refund is only available if you have used less than 10gb of bandwidth.

Have you tried to use HideMyAss to get an IP address in Slovenia? Or maybe you have some other advices. Please share your thoughts and ideas in a comment!


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