How to find my IP address?


Do you wonder how to find my IP address, or in other words, find out what your IP address is? That is easy and as you scroll a little down you will see your actual IP address and your location.

If you use a VPN connection, you should not see your actual location and IP address, but the location and IP address you have received from the VPN server you are connected to.

As you can see from this IP address tool, it is not only your IP address and your location which can be seen, but also your operating system, your language and your browser. This information is often used to make statistics, showing where you visitors come from, what operating systems they use etc. This can be very useful information for webmasters, also for me, knowing where my visitors come from. However, if everyone used VPNs giving them other locations, that could kind of mess up the analytic work of many webmasters, but since very few use VPN services, that is not a big danger.

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