How to surf anonymously on the Internet?


Do you want to surf the Internet anonymously? In other words, would you like to surf the Internet so that none can really find out where you are located in the world and remember what you have been watching? Here comes some advices on the matter.

Hide your traces on your own computer.

When we speak about surfing anonymously you might at once think about hiding your tracks on the Internet. In spite of the fact that this is true, we must not forget the traces you leave at your own computer and in your browser. If you do not want your computer even to remember what is going on, make sure to clean your cache, clean your browser history and so on. If you use Mozilla Firefox a great and smart step can therefore be click the “history” in your browser and then “delete history”. In older versions of Firefox you might need to go to settings, advanced and then press clear cache. You can also clear the cache automatically when Firefox closes. This can be done as you press the Privacy option, select to chose custom settings for history, and then select to clear history when Firefox closes.

Make your surfing untrackable

Use a VPN

There are several ways in which you can surf anonymously, meaning that your ISP and other people around you can not see what you watch and do online. One option is of course to use a VPN service, which is very easy, safe and practical. You will have to pay a fee for such a service, but if privacy is important to you, it is well worth the money. A VPN will give you a new IP address, so any trace left on the Internet and different sites around will not be tracked to you, only to the IP address provided by the VPN service. And since most VPNs do not log activity, it means that you can surf safely!

Use a Proxy

Maybe the biggest VPN provider out there is HideMyAss. They offer a free proxy solution which can be useful if you only want to surf some Internet sites anonymously. This service is not good for anything else than surfing, but if surfing is all you want to do, then it should be good for you. Visit the HideMyAss site and find the Free Proxy solution. The HideMyAss proxy solution is very easy to use. Another way is to use a web-proxy, meaning that you will have to add a proxy server and the port on which it is running to your Internet settings (in your browser). Once this is done you can try and check if it is working, and if it is, then check your IP address to see if you are surfing with another IP address than what you did in the start.



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