How to use Duplicator to move an entire Wordpress page?


duplicatorIf you want to move an entire WordPress site from one server to another and from one server to another that has been like a mess for a long time. We have earlier written on using Search and Replace and moving websites with images, but using Duplicator you can save a lot of time and energy.

Duplicator is what the name says it is, a duplicator. What you first need to do is to download the Duplicator plugin to your WordPress site and then you need to open the plugin and create a package. That is easy and after a while you will see a screen where you can download the package to your computer, and then you will see installer. Download the installer.php and the package to your computer, and half the job is already done!

Duplicator, package and installer.php

What you now need to do is to launch your FTP-client and upload the .zip-package and the installer.php to the new server on which you want the new WordPress site to be. When you have uploaded these files you launch your browser and visit (replace with your actual address). As you open installer.php you will have to add you SQL data to make a connection, and then you just run the action and within some minutes you will have duplicated your entire site with images, links, settings, plugins and everything to a new server. And duplicator even updates all your links, meaning that your links and settings will be updated with your new address instead of the old one. Great stuff! 🙂

Good luck, and hope you have found this little guide useful!

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