AD: The Bible – my thoughts after the first episode

AD The Bible

It is always interesting as they create new TV series and films based on the Bible. We have recently seen quite a lot of similar films, and some of them are terrible (read: Noah from 2014), while some are better. The last can for sure be said about AD: The Bible, at least based on my experience watching the first episode.

AD The Bible

I watch AD: The Bible on NBC online, something that can be done using a VPN, and you can read more about watching NBC from abroad here. So, I got started and was very curious on what the first episode of the NBC serie should be like, but it only took me minutes to realize that I liked it a lot, not only from a film perspective, but also from the perspective that I am a Christian who believe in Jesus as my savior who not only died for me, but also rose again from the dead, something that the first episode is about.

In the first episode there are of course parts which are fiction and which are not supported by the Bible, but from the other perspective, they can not be said to be unbiblical, so they are just helping our imagination to get a feeling of what life was like in that time, and what Caiaphas, Pilate and all the other characters involved in the crucifixion and the resurrection felt and thought about the events taking place.

In fact, to me it seemed very true to the original story, so I felt like I just half the time watching praying and thanking God for the sacrifice he did sending Jesus to die for my sins, and just like with Passion, I really did not manage to watch all parts of the crucifixion, it simply gets to intense and tough… Imagine what Jesus did so that I can live, and not only live, but live forever.

I am looking forward to watching the other episodes, as the next four episodes are already available to watch on the NBC website.

AD: The Bible is by the way a follow up to the original series named The Bible which was launched on the History Channel in 2013. I have not watched that series yet, but I guess that I will watch that as well, as soon as I get some more time!

Have you watched AD: The Bible? Did you like what you see? I pray that God will touch those who see it so that it will be much more than just a film, but something that will open their eyes for who Jesus really is, the Son of God, who died and rose again from the grave on the third day!

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