Watch True Detective Season 2 on HBO Now


Four days ago the second season of True Detective had its premiere on HBO in the United States, and of course on their new platform named HBO Now which is currently available to Apple users in the United States.

The first episode of the season has received quite good critics, and even though some people complain about the slow pace of the story, millions of people still waited for the first episode of season two to be launched and now even more people are looking forward to the second episode of the season.

Unfortunately HBO Now is only available to people in the United States, but to help people outside the United States I have just created a dedicated page to HBO Now where I will be posting news and updates about the platform, new films made available and information on how to watch HBO Now online from all across the world. If you want more information about this I recommend that you visit

Here you can see Rachel McAdams in the second season of True Detective.

Just take a look at the screenshot above and see Rachel McAdams in a role completely different from everything she has been playing so far. Watching it it reminds almost more about Jack Bauer than the Rachel McAdams we know from The Notebook and other cool films. Rachel McAdams had a role in for example Sherlock Holmes, but there she was not this cop running from guns, bombs and so on, so this is still completely different.

Curious? Watch True Detective on HBO Now, if you have an Apple device. If you do not have an Apple device you will have to wait until HBO Now is made available to Chromecast and Android users as well!


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